Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Former MI6 agent spills the beans...

"What you need to know for your future."

James Casbolt is a former MI6 agent who claims to have important top secret information regarding Extraterrestrials, missing children, secret subterranean bases worldwide, and many other things.

Whilst many of his claims come across as farfetched, there does seem to be an air of urgency in his words, as if he was in a hurry – would a hoaxer be in such a rush? Not to mention the fact that he seems to demonstrate quite a detailed understanding of the inner workings of the Military / Intelligence community. But I’ll let you be the judge. All I will say is that if a good proportion of what he claims is true, then humanity is in deep trouble.

He originally had this testimony posted online in basic text format with a plain white backdrop. With the way he spoke it seemed like he was in danger and that his testimony would be quickly removed, so I made sure I took a copy - which proved to be a wise move because it was indeed taken down some weeks later (whether this adds to its legitimacy or not I really don’t know).

I have taken the time to import the text into a more legible PDF format. The actual text itself remains untouched and exactly as he wrote it.

Link to PDF: Former MI6 James Casbolt testimony

CAUTION: this testimony contains some disturbing references. Viewer discretion advised.


  1. i dont believe it...if what you say is really the truth, then i find no reason for these so called top agencies to be hiding the facts from the general public.,.

  2. Humanity Is Being Manipulated For Centuries...There're Evil Entities Ruling This World And They Keep Exploring The Population Of This Planet Only To Satisfy Their Greed For More Luxury Power....But As The Old Say,"The Higher They Get...Harder Will Be The Fall" !...


  3. this report is completely false... If there are 1400 underground bases worldwide each employing 10,000-18,000 employees, that would mean there are between ~1.4 -2.5 billion employees working in "DUMBS". Half the world's population is on an alien conspiracy? Doubtful. I'm not trying to disprove the existence of aliens. But this report is a complete lie, only believed by those who can't do simple multiplication

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  4. Sorry, 1.4 billion is wrong number.
    14 million are NOT unlikely all the world.

  5. Then, you got a refreshing, childlike simplicity.

  6. Telling the truth is one thing. Finding the real truth is a whole different difficulty. There are too many points of view that contradicts one another.
    Too many assumptions made on flimsy evidence. Too little credible sources. Too few alive to repeat any statements when not under durress.

  7. I just now noticed this.... only 3 months of blogs in 2009 and nothing more?

    This is strange in itself. Did you find out what you were so passionate about isn't the reality you once thought it was?

    or you merely lost interest as credible sources dried up?

    I suspect that life just got in the way. Can't make a living on blogging this.

    I'm a little sad at this though. It would be wonderful to hear more about this since it is so rare to see good aliens talked about and written of.

  8. I jsut found the pdf report in many different locations online.

    it reads like a raving madman wrote it...ugh.

    Believing anything written is foolhardy at best...even if it didn't read like a resident of a madhouse.

    So disappointing.

  9. Its all about population control....The greatest thing the devil ever did was convince the world he didn't exist....What has any so called civilized society ever done to a race that they thought was lesser or beneath them. They killed and destroyed them and took what they wanted. The government has no control over them they been here before the us was ever found. And some are at least 800 years old. They are the zoo keepers twist and manipulate ask Hitler. They are the fallen.....The Earth is worth more to them then man. The government and the secret sociaties or the wealthy are getting ready for the take over that they cant win. Anytime a extra terrestrial ship can emobilize every nuclear millitary base in the US then you got to dance to there music.We suppose to destroy ourselves. They are tired of waiting. And the chicken are coming home to roost....

  10. Can I have a copy of the pdf please, its been taken down.