Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Introducing Truth Revolutions...

In a world entangled in lies, deception, and corruption, this is a new blog spot which will focus on uncovering the truth about what is really happening here on Earth, and what is being hidden from us.

I believe there is a spiritual war taking place which is literally a war for the hearts and minds of every individual on the planet. I believe that certain events in my life have gradually influenced me to take this post and work for a greater good. I believe we are in a crucial period of history where the world could either enter a horrendous dark age, or flourish as it never has before in our known recent history.

Here is a list of topics which I feel are very relevant to our time. You may or may not be aware of some of the terminology but hopefully with interest I can shed light as this blog expands:

- Political Agendas and World Power Structures

- New World Order and Prophecy

- Occultism and Secret Societies

- The Extraterrestrial Presence and ‘UFO’ disclosure movement

- Health, Spirituality and Self Empowerment

- Advancement of Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

- Psychic and Metaphysical Phenomena

I’m sure there will be other topics touched upon but hopefully this gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.

I want this blog to play a part in the revolution of Truth, because after all, lies are nothing but bubbles on the surface, and when we pop them, all that remains is the truth.

I have a number of interesting sources which I will be linking within my posts and hope folks will benefit from them.

Watch this space for my first proper blog update!



  1. We need more people like you. Good blog you've started as well.

    Have you done any research as to how or why people are (or are not) doing what they can to help be more aware about our reality? Just seems that there are not enough people waking up.


  2. when aliens will come to Earth, goodbye religion and all its Lies