Sunday, 1 November 2009

Alien agendas...

A few thoughts on 'V' - The latest ‘Alien Invasion’ effort from ABC-Disney (painting aliens in a negative light of course).

If disclosure and introduction to some benevolent ET races is imminent before the end of 2009, as many suspect, then ‘V’ is most likely a conveniently timed attempt by the negative Neocon inside political factions (who own and control ABC), to instil distrust through fear of a great deception.

If the existence of benevolent ET races was suddenly announced to the world, it would most likely have a profoundly positive ripple effect, and possibly instigate a positive world changing spiritual paradigm shift. This would not be in the interests of the negative Neocon inside factions; it would likely sever their reach of power. This is why ‘V’ to me, is effectively a propaganda piece with subliminal conditioning dynamics to the detriment of a positive ET disclosure.

Whilst it is always good to practice caution, I don’t think a new Alien race (positively or negatively orientated) would be at the forefront of my concerns – Do we not already suffer a presence which is completely ‘alien’ to humanity already? It’s an interesting irony.

Here’s the V promo trailer. Put your anti-propaganda spectacles on!

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