Friday, 13 November 2009

The truth behind the Gary McKinnon hysteria

WHY oh WHY are the media not talking about what Gary McKinnon found out on those NASA networks?


I have every sympathy for his dire situation, but the real truth behind all this hysteria is because of what he found out; that we are not alone in the universe, and that the American’s have NON-TERRESTRIAL military officers for crying out loud!

The Cyber Security thing is a convenient distraction from what's really at stake. It's all about perpetuating the extraterrestrial truth embargo. Simple as that.

If the American people (or the rest of the world) found out how much they have been lied to and where all those skimmed ‘Classified Black Budget’ tax dollars (supposedly equal in value or MORE than the entire US Economy) have really been going, there would be massive upheaval and civil unrest. That's why the US Government wants him- so they can find out exactly what he has seen, who he has told, and to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. It’s about National Security, but not in the way that you are made to think.

And of course the mainstream media outlets discuss everything BUT what Gary saw on those networks. I dare say only a handful of highly authorized officials know the truth, and the news outlets will concentrate on whatever they are told to report because there is no such thing as free journalism anymore.

Average folks everywhere are wasting so much time and energy debating what the highest authorities want us to think it’s all about, as reported by the controlled mainstream media (Cyber security, Asperger's syndrome, National security, the right to Extradition). This way we are kept as far away from the actual truth as can be.

That truth I speak of is that we are not alone, we never have been, and we never will be.

Here is today’s Daily Mail Article about Gary Mckinnon:

Daily Mail Article

Here is Project Camelot’s Interview with Gary Mckinnon:

Camelot Interview


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  2. well kristzi, have a look to some interesting videos:

    Anunanku & Sumärer


    Apollo / Buzz Aldrin / Neil Armstrong

    Nasa STS ab 1995 (STS 50 - 95) / Mercury

    Türkey 2007