Sunday, 1 November 2009

Western media silence on 9/11 truth debate

Here is a good incite as to how much momentum the 9/11 truth movement is gaining:

"A group of experts and professionals called architects and engineers for 9/11 truth, led by architect Richard Gage, has come to Washington D.C. to present contrary scientific evidence to the U.S. government's explanation that the three WTC towers collapsed due to fires. According to Gage and hundreds of other experts, a controlled demolition involving explosives had taken place; therefore, volunteers came from all over the country to encourage other Americans to demand a new investigation into the September 11th terrorist attacks."

Nevermind the Architects and Engineers... 60% of the official 9/11 report COMMISSIONERS (the guys that actually wrote the report) do not believe the story they were told to report and have accused the government of a cover up. This should be ringing ALARM bells across the west, but no, we hear nothing from mainstream news sources. Complete media blackout...

Fortunately, Russia Today (RT) does not succumb to all western bias. Here's the report:

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